Signature Collection

Centuries-old handcrafting skills are used in the Welsh Royal Crystal glass-making workshops. All crystal pieces are individually mouth-blown and hand-cut, thus capturing the clarity, brilliance, and sharpness of cut associated with quality crystal ware.

The range of shapes and decorative cuts embraces Traditional, Intaglio, and Celtic design influences, which are unique to Welsh Royal Crystal products. The most stringent quality standards are applied to ensure that only the finest quality is passed with the Welsh Royal Crystal assay mark.

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Welsh Royal Crystal’s signature crystal range offers admirable pieces of glassware that would make the most exceptional gift for yourself or any loved one.

Welsh Royal Crystal produces a wide selection of items from stemware to large crystal bowls, with exclusive designs. All our crystal glassware, awards, and gifts are custom-made for any occasion. At Welsh Royal Crystal, we have the finest selection of crystalware that has been expertly designed and crafted for your timeless enjoyment.